Welcome Fortunoff Archive Fellow: Daniela Ozacky Stern

By Stephen Naron - February 7, 2024

Dr. Daniela Ozacky Stern is a scholar specializing in Holocaust Studies and Modern Jewish History, with a particular focus on Jewish resistance during World War II and the Holocaust. She is currently a lecturer at Western Galilee College in Israel and has previously served as the director of the Moreshet Holocaust Archive in Givat Haviva, Israel. Dr. Ozacky Stern earned her PhD in Jewish History from the University of Haifa, where her research focused on Jewish Partisans in Lithuania and Belarus. She holds a master’s degree in History from Tel Aviv University, having studied Nazi propaganda efforts led by Joseph Goebbels, a topic which she later published as a book, Goebbels: Nazi Master of Illusion.

Her academic journey is further enriched by postdoctoral research conducted at Yad Vashem, and she has been honored as a USHMM EHRI fellow. Dr. Ozacky Stern’s published works investigate various facets of Holocaust history in Eastern Europe, including studies on the Vilna Ghetto, smaller ghettos in Belarus, and the partisan forests. Her research interests extend to themes such as documentation, diaries, and archival materials. Additionally, she has contributed to scholarship in the field of modern Jewish history, and serves as the Book Review Editor for the journal Jewish Culture and History.

As Fortunoff Fellow, Daniela will be producing an annotated critical edition of a Hebrew testimony for our Critical Edition Series as part of our Claims Conference Grant, Unlocking Survivor Testimony: A Program to Produce Critical Annotated Editions of Non-English Holocaust Testimonies.