"Proshchay, gorod moy rodimyi" ("Farewell")

Music and arrangement: D. Zisl Slepovitch.

Composer and arranger D. Zisl Slepovitch writes:
Liubov N. read this heartfelt farewell as a poem. For this project, D. Zisl Slepovitch set this to his own original music. In this case, the urban romance (song) genre seemed most appropriate to the composer. The song was arranged and recorded in two instrumentations: one with clarinet, accordion, and bass, and the other employing flute, piano and bass.


Прощай, город наш родимый,
Прощай, любимая семья.
Прощайте, матери родные…
[Обождите… ]
Прощайте, все хорошие друзья.

Идем в дорогу мы слепую,
Не знаем, что ожидает впредь.
Но думу думаем сумную,
Что нас там ожидает смерть.

С горы в долине показались,
дома Неморожа села.
И сильно сердце застучалось,
И покатилася слеза.

Жилищем нашим оказалась,
Свинарня без окон и дверей,
Там сильно ветер продувал нас,
И мы там зябли до костей.

Сначала мы были непривыкши,
Нам дико показалось всё,
Тяжелым потом землю рыли,
И обливалися слезой


Farewell, our native city.
Farewell, family so dear.
Farewell, precious mothers.
[wait…] (trying to remember)
Farewell, to all our friends.

Blindly, we walk down the road,
Not knowing what lies ahead.
The ominous thought is growing,
That awaiting us is death.

From the distant mountains,
Nemorozh’s houses peer out.
Heavily the heart begins to pound
And tears begin to fall.

What a home we were given,
A pig stall without a window or a door.
A heavy wind blew right through us,
And chilled us down to the bones.

At first we were not used to it,
Such savagery, brutality.
With sweat we toiled to till the earth
And watered it with tears. 

(Translation by Daniel Kahn)